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Annual Food Drive

History of the RHA Food Drive

During residence hall move-out in late April of 2003, a Resident Assistant at Blanco Hall set a box outside his door for residents to donate unwanted non-perishable food items that they did not want to move home. After an overwhelming response, it was discovered that the prime time to solicit food donations was at this time of the year, since many campus residents have unopened non-perishable food items that they don't want to take home. The next year, a campus-wide food drive benefiting the Hays County Area Food Bank was coordinated and 640 pounds of food was collected.  The year after that, RHA adopted the program.

Why to donate

In 2002, the State of Texas had over one million food-insecure households. This is close to 15% of all households in the state!!! There were 874,646 Texans who went hungry every day. The State of Texas has the second highest number of hungry children in the nation.

Donation Amounts

  •      May, 2004: 640 pounds
  •      May, 2005: over 1,000 pounds
  •      May, 2006: 1,368 pounds
  •      May, 2007: 2,322 pounds
  •      May, 2008: 1,841 pounds 
  •      May, 2009: 2,255 pounds
  •      May, 2016: 3,249 pounds 
  •      May, 2017: 2,121 pounds
  •      May, 2018: 2,282 pounds
Will you have unwanted non-perishable food items once you start moving out? Please donate them in the RHA collection boxes located in your residence hall every May. All donations will be taken to the Hays County Area Food Bank