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Create More Space in Your Room!

As representatives of the thousands of on-campus students, the Residence Hall Association is dedicated to finding the best products at the best prices!


RHA is proud to partner with Collegiate Concepts, Inc to offer students in designated halls the opportunity to rent a lofting bed kit. (See FAQs below for list of halls that can accommodate a kit in the rooms.)


Collegiate Concepts, Inc. is the only officially approved lofting bed kit provider for Texas State University.



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Do any of the halls already have lofting furniture in them?

Yes. If you are assigned to one of the following residence halls, do not rent a loft kit.  The Department of Housing & Residential Life has purchased loftable furniture for these residence halls, so it comes standard as part of the room:

Beretta Hall
Bexar Hall
Brogdon Hall
Butler Hall
Chautauqua Hall
Falls Hall
College Inn
Gaillardia Hall
Laurel Hall
Retama Hall
San Jacinto Hall
San Marcos Hall
Sayers Hall
Smith Hall
Tower Hall

What is a lofting bed kit?

A loft bed is a bunk bed, but without the bottom bunk. Students love these customized beds because they are fantastic for utilzing limited room space. Loft beds allow you to move your bed higher off the floor creating more space* for desks, TVs, refrigerators, or even a futon.  Loft beds help to transform your room into a home away from home.

* In Jackson, and Sterry halls, the dressers and desks are built in, so they can't be moved under a loft.

* In Arnold Hall, the dresser is built into the closet.

* In Elliott Hall, the desk is built in.

Do I have to put it together?

No, You do not.

RHA recognizes that students and parents have enough to do during move in days. If you order your loft by the deadline, it will be assembled and waiting for you in your room when you move in.  When you move out in May, simply leave the loft as you found it and the vendor will come disassemble it and take it away.


Which residence halls have been designated to have lofts in them?

If you are assigned to one of the following residence halls, you may rent a loft kit.

Blanco Hall
Elliott Hall
Jackson Hall*
Lantana Hall
Sterry Hall
*Jackson Hall Students: If two lofts are ordered for the same room, the space between the lofts (going from the entrance to the back of the room) will be greatly reduced. However, the overall floor space of the room will be increased due to the space underneath the lofts. In Jackson, the lofts cannot be pushed directly against the wall, due to built-in shelves on each wall. Two safety rails will be provided (one for each side of the bed). We also recommend not to order the shelf option in Jackson, because your bed will be right next to the shelf on the wall.

How much does it cost?

To rent a loft with a shelf for one year (August - May) somewhere in the vicinity of  $170 tax included*

To rent a loft with no shelf for one year (August - May), somewhere in the vicinity of $160 tax included*

(All lofts come with a side safety rail.)

*Price may increase from year to year.  Please check the Collegiate Concepts, INC website for exact price.*


How do I order a loft?

Visit to order your loft using a secure on-line order form and your credit card.


Is there a deadline to order a loft?

Yes, there is a deadline! 

Please check the Collegiate Concepts, INC website for exact date orders are due.  Dates change from year to year.


Do I have to store the parts of my bed that are not in use since I rented a loft?

Yes, all residence hall furniture needs to remain in your room, even if you are not using it.  The furniture is part of the room set and halls do not have storage areas to placed unused headboards and footboards.  Do not put unused headboards and footboards out in the hallway. You will be charged for them if they are missing and not in your room during your final room inspection at the end of the year.*

*The loft kit utilizes the University-owned mattress and springs, thus leaving the University-owned footboard and headboard un-utilized.


Can I bring my own loft?

No. Home-made lofts can sometimes take up more than 1/2 of the room, and they sometimes are large and overpowering that the roommate without a loft can feel that their space is being encroached upon. Additionally, home-made lofts are not necessarily safe.  The Department of Housing & Residential Life has approved the use of of rented loft kits from Collegiate Concepts, Inc. in the Residence Halls. These are the only lofts that may be used in the halls.


I don't have a hall assignment yet. Can I order a loft?

Yes.  If you wind up being assigned to a hall that comes with standard lofting furniture, you will be issued a refund. But it is better to reserve your loft now.


I don't know my room number. How will my loft get to the right place?

The Department of Housing & Residential Life does not give out room numbers in advance of move in day. No worries. We will make sure your loft is delivered to the correct room.


What if I get to campus and I decide that I want to rent a loft?

Collegiate Concepts, Inc. will provide on-site rentals (If available and while supplies last) during move in days.  We highly recommend that students order their loft by the deadline.


What if I no longer want my loft or what if it needs maintenance?

Please contact Collegiate Concepts, Inc. at 888-929-0806. Or, go to to complete an on-line service request.


What if I am not satisfied with my loft?

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are unhappy with the product for any reason, Collegiate Concepts, Inc. will gladly replace the unit or refund your money.


What if I move rooms?

If you change rooms and choose to move your loft to another room, you have two choices:

1. Move the loft yourself for no charge. This includes taking it apart and re-assembling the loft.
If you move it to your new room yourself then you must contact Collegiate Concepts to let them know where you have moved the loft.
2. Contact Collegiate Concepts and tell them you want the loft moved for you. There is a $25 service charge for the dis-assembly, moving, and re-assembly. 
At the end of the year, when lofts are picked up, if your loft is not in the original room that you ordered it for, you could be charged for a missing loft fee of up to $200.
To contact Collegiate Concepts, please call us at 888-929-0806, or you can enter a service request directly at Go to the dropdown list and choose Texas State University, then click on Service Requests on the left hand side of the page.

Does RHA share in any of the profits from the rentals?

Yes. The Texas State Residence Hall Association shares in the profits. These funds are diverted back to students in the form of social events and leadership opportunities.


I still have questions. Who do I contact?

For questions concerning orders, cancellations, payment, refund, loft design, maintenance requests, pick ups, deliveries, or anything else, please contact:


Collegiate Concepts, Inc.

PO Box 310

Huxley, Iowa 50124


Phone: 515-597-2303

FAX: 515-597-2385

Toll Free: 888-929-0806